Bicycle maintenance and repair that comes to you

If you’re in with a show of winning a Monument, straighten up that goddamn helmet!

Words to live by.

After 240km of ball breaking hardcoreness…it’s hard to spot anything…let alone the winning move! 

Brad was still epic.

Have I already posted this today? If I have I give no fux. This is Roubaix, and I’ll re-post myself if necessary.

Yep, again and again, buddy!
Massive effort by Bradley and Geraint at this year’s Roubaix. This is such an awesome shot of them. Thanks to @kristoframon

What happens when Fabian Cancellara meets Sven Nys? Find out here: Vive le Vélo

This time, Fabs, I have your number!
The Olympic velodrome never fails to impress! Can’t wait to give it a go.
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