Bicycle maintenance and repair that comes to you

Raymond Poulidor and Federico Bahamontes lead the pack during the 1963 Tour de France. 
Photo by Roger Viollet

Ferdinand “Ferdi” Kübler who won over 400 professional victories, including the 1950 Tour de France and the 1951 World Road Race Championship. The photo was found on Pedaleo luego existo.
After the total bro-crush I think every cyclist has on Tony, you also gotta love the goofiness! This shot made me chuckle.
Vigorelli Velodrome

The key to climbing is to ride the bottom as hard as you can and ride over the top as hard as you can. As for the middle, ride as hard as you can.

You are an evil prick. An invisible, faceless assassin. The sniper in the bell tower. The black ops of the natural world, slowly and steadily masterminding my downfall. I do not like you. But I won’t say it out loud as I know how curses travel upon your currents. And how on hearing them, you’ll change your angle of attack just to spite me. No, I know you Mr Wind, so I will humbly bow my head into your wretched breath, grind my way home, and keep on peddling in defiance.
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