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What happens when Fabian Cancellara meets Sven Nys? Find out here: Vive le Vélo

This time, Fabs, I have your number!
The Olympic velodrome never fails to impress! Can’t wait to give it a go.
One of each please.
The steepness is quite amazing! At the Olympic velodrome today for the London Bespoked Bike Fair. 

Highlights include: Feather Bikes, Woodrup Cycles, Saffron Cycles (best of show), Brian Rourke, and Pretorius Bikes.
Barry Hoban won a stage of the Tour de France on one of these beautiful Woodrup frames, built up in Yorkshire for 3 generations. One of the stars of the show at the London Bespoked Bike Fair this weekend, at the Olympic velodrome.

Bradley Wiggins will be the first Tour de France winner to start Paris-Roubaix in the past 22 years. From a selection of Kristof Ramon photographs covering teams Paris-Roubaix recon on CyclingTips.

I approve these messages.

CCCP and Pizzera Rusticanella
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