Bicycle maintenance and repair that comes to you
Whimsical delight!

Poster informing Londoners of the impending arrival of the Tour de France.

These two guys can’t wait for Le Tour De France! Vive le Vélo

You can be a jackass fan, or you can wear glasses, but you can’t do both. At least, not on Wout Poels watch.
» Audax Alpine Classic meets Thomas the Tank Engine.

Beautifully shot in tilt-shift time-lapse, the Australian event looks great.


70 years ago, Canadian bicycled troops arrived in Normandy to release France. As a french citizen I’d like to thanks these people who gave their life for it.
Belgian colours- automatic reblog.

Quintana went all-pink for the final stage. Do not try this at home. Vive le Vélo

So good. Tattoo idea.
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